Shenzhen Elite Electronic Co., Ltd(ELITOP), established in 2003, is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing of li-ion battery, ELITOP is the first manufacturer in China which main concentrate on Li-ion cells series and parallels application. After 10 years of fast development, our company has passed the ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, RoHS, UL, CE and many other certificates. 


Shenzhen Elite Electronic Co., Ltd always keep focusing on Li-ion cells series and parallels assembly technology during the past 10 years, including cells sorting and grouping, BMS , BMS testing equipment, pack process technology, structure design, hardware design, software development, pack testing and so on. ELITOP has developed a series of Li-ion battery products, acquired many support and praise from worldwide customers. Our main products are electric bike/scooter batteries,Self-Balancing Vehicle Battery,Power&Energy Storage Battery, lighting/flashlight batteries, industrial batteries, medical equipment batteries, consumer electronics batteries, super long life cycles (> 800 cycle) batteries, ultra- low & high temperature batteries, special-shaped batteries, etc., and set up long-term, stable cooperation with nearly 300 worldwide enterprises and industry customers. Our products widely used in military industry, scientific research institution, resource exploration, mining and oil field, non- destructive testing, field rescue, portable medical instrumentation equipment, railway system, banking system, power system, digital broadcasting and television testing, industrial control, GPS surveying and mapping, outdoor camera/video camera etc. which are very strict with battery products .


Shenzhen Elite Electronic Co., Ltd established stable and long term cooperation with world well-known cells and circuit management suppliers (Samsung SDI, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony, Leyden, HYB,TI, Seiko, Maxim, O2), so can acquire the world's leading technology. Also ELITOP is the authorized battery packer for Panasonic, Samsung SDI, Leyden(USA) etc.


ELITOP has abundant fund strength, skilled developers, high-quality management personnel, rich industry experience, and the world's advanced level of engineering development, manufacturing and quality control equipment. ELITOP has complete set of capabilities in house from the PCM (hardware/software), structure/connector design to cell sorting and grouping, finished-products running-learning and aging etc.


Meanwhile, Shenzhen Elite Electronic Co, Ltd actively participate in a number of major projects of science and technology, in cooperation with international famous brand to develop new energy products, and gained a series of important scientific research achievements. ELITOP always focus on the industry's latest tendency and developments, in order to utilize the latest technology and ideas to meet the needs of different markets. We will always make full use of advantages of lithium battery technology and industry, with high quality products, reasonable price and exclusive one-to-one service, to provide you with strongest technical support.


Battery pack assembly should be an industry, and is the closest to the end customer. 


Shenzhen Elite Electronic Co., Ltd only concentrates on and devote to battery assembly.


Shenzhen Elite Electronic Co., Ltd is committed to become the international leading service provider specialized in lithium battery series and parallel application.


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